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CR British English Professionals (Pvt) Ltd (Reg. No: PV 00205971) are the sole representative in Sri Lanka to Specialist Language Courses (SLC). Whom is the UK’s leading provider of English services. Through SLC digital Medical English & Test preparation services we enable Sri Lankan Medical students and professionals to study, work, travel, research, develop themselves and communicate with each other in English, The lingua franca of Medicine.

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Udeni Kotage

Udeni Kotage

Managing Director

Since taking her first job as Registered Nurse in Sri Lanka back in 1996, Udeni has moved to London in 2009 and Studied in University of Bedfordshire..

Nurses should continue learning throughout their careers. Communication is a fundamental part of being a nurse. English will open up more opportunities for you. English is not only useful learning it gives you a lot of satisfaction. Making progress feels great. Sri Lankan Nurses are here given opportunity to learn World recognised ground-breaking online Medical English courses.

Our Affiliation Partner

The senior team at SLC has over 100 years’ combined industry experience Teaching English to professionals

  • Creating online self-study and blended language training programmes
  • Designing bespoke language courses for companies and organisations
  • Organising international language training programmes
  • Writing language learning materials, including world-renowned course books
  • English language exam preparation, writing and marking
  • Leading and managing English language schools
  • Training English teachers around the world