Online English for nurses who want to work, or who are already working, in an English-speaking environment. Or for those who are studying for a Nursing English test, such as the OET.

This intensive course teaches the English that nurses need to communicate effectively in all essential situations at work – both with patients and with other healthcare professionals.

This CPD-accredited, 100-hour, online course is designed for nurses with an intermediate (B1-B2) level of English. It will enable you to communicate accurately and confidently at work.

This course is also excellent preparation for the international Occupational English Test (OET). It provides much of the vocabulary, medical terminology, and scenario-specific role plays that you will find in the OET test. It therefore combines perfectly with OET Coaching, where you will learn the specific test techniques and take OET test practice with an expert tutor.

“I want to say you that your course online is absolutely wonderful! Since the first units it was very useful for my job at the Lister hospital.”
Cristina, Italian nurse

“I like this course very much. It’s a well-written, user friendly programme that will really help international nurses get to grips with the practical language and realities of nursing in the NHS.”
Anne Conway, Language and Cultural Awareness Facilitator, South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

“I think the Online English for Nurses course is very good, interactive and has diversity of exercises that cover all language skills: speaking, listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary. We also found it extremely important the fact that it shows actual equipment used in hospitals/care homes in the UK, so it is very specific and exact. I will continue recommending it strongly.”
Sylvia Lopes, JSL Healthcare Recruitment Consultants, Portugal and Poland